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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Paper Thin

If you're beautiful it's easy to forget other people. There's always someone else who wants to know you, and so no one ever matters very much, so you tend to lose even the ones you're fond of. If you're beautiful, you always have to be suspicious. Sometimes you wonder why people are being nice to you, and sometimes you know that your beauty is the reason that some people want to be horrible to you. People think that they want to know you, but they really they are fascinated by a mask.

If you're beautiful, you never know how real is the friendliness of your friends. You have to keep testing them, and then sometimes you go too far, and that way you lose them. It's a kind of loneliness that you never escape, but if you don't want anyone to know you, to know you as you really are, then beauty is the perfect protection. You get solitude. Freedom.

- Birds Without Wings


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