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Monday, January 29, 2007

A Marky Reminder

Yesterday I picked up Donald Trump's book succintly entitled "How To Get Rich". At RM33 it was an investment risk worth plonking on so what the hey. Figures.. a day later and i'm nearly done with it, boy are his fonts big. It's like Trumpy gems in Enid Blyton form. So for the only person who reads my blog, here's notes on his book in true Trump style (less than 10 words):
- toot your horn when you're good, because no one else will
- invite bank managers over for dinner to restructure loans
- read lots, know lots and enjoy what you do
- invest simply and train your instincts
- don't ever interrupt your boss or client when they're talking

"Anyone with more than a little curiosity and ambition will at some point be tempted to try a different challenge on new terrain. Take the risk, but before you do, do everything you can do learn what you're getting yourself into, and be sure as you can you got the right mind-set for the job"

- The Donald


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