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Monday, November 06, 2006


Malaysia continues to provide a litany of embarrassments.

In the past week, our country has reported the abuse of power from the issuing of APs, Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute(ASLI) findings on Malay ownership equity thrown out the window, dodgy land development and lastly for the moment, the reinforcement of our constitutional racial agenda. To quote Johor UMNO chief Datul Abdul Ghani Othman, non-verbatim , "The concept of Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysian Race) is not acceptable because it means a rojak (mish mash/salad) of races in the country". Once more let us brandish the national stability stick. "Even if the term Bangsa Malaysia is to be used, it must only be applied to the context of all the peoples of Malaysia with the Malays as the pivotal race". He goes on about inequal opportunities for rural malays which would make it a "form of discrimination and oppression" and tops it off by exclaiming "Umno Johor is steadfast in its stand that the meritocracy system must be stopped".

Someone once said one should start on the papers from the back to the front - that way one could see human achievements first. Is it too much to hope that like all the bad boys that have come before to grace the nation's pages, all WON'T be gone from our collective conscience in 2 weeks?

Monkeys got my country.


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