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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can they get any worse lol

'Sins' of the son' by Farrah Naz Karim
11 Oct 2006

PUTRAJAYA: There was an air of disbelief at the Customs Department yesterday when Datuk Muhammad Abdul Ghani shovelled all the blame for the AP-clone scandal on his son.

Disbelief then turned to the bizarre when the senator ticked off his son Mohd Zulaimi for being a novice at cheating.

"He (his son) is not clever at doing it ... to be a fraudster you need skills. Fraudsters should always be a notch above their victims. If one were smart, one wouldn’t clone all the APs in a week. There should at least be a three-month interval.

"He didn’t learn from me or I could have given him some tips," he said, in the presence of the Customs director of prevention Mohamed Adnan Ariffin.

The New Straits Times reported this week that the Customs was investigating a senator and his son for allegedly being involved in a scam to import cars with cloned Approved Permits.

The department said that it had solid evidence after seizing luxury cars imported through fake documents.On Monday, Muhammad denied that he or his son were involved in this scam.


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