Darling you send me..

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It is natural to feel depressed in such circumstances, natural for anyone who still has an idea of what life could be and is not. Depression becomes a right when we look around us and see nothing and no one to offer us a spark of inspiration, when the world seems to be sliding into a morass of imbecility and cheap materialism, with no more ideals, no more faiths, no more dreams. One has nothing great to believe in any longer, no mentor to emulate. How many are true leaders of humanity, illuminating guiding lights, and how many are merely the products of publicity and marketing?

The Chinese have looked to the skies ever since Wan Hu, a 14th century carpenter, lashed 47 gunpowder rockets to a chair affixed with kites, ignited them and vanished in a plume of smoke, never to be heard from again.

..For I shall yet praise Him.. Ps42:5


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